• CityCoaster
  • About Us

    Our Mission

    City Coasters' mission is to encourage exploration and support of locally owned businesses.  Local business helps create the unique identity, ethos and community vibe that makes every city different.  Community is people and passion, and we want to support like-minded, community loving individuals through our Tins.  City Coasters' limited edition tins contain offers from locally owned businesses on coaster gift cards with fun designs and local flare.  These tins are created to promote awareness of great local establishments and community support.  We think supporting local is essential to create and grow sustainable communities.  

    What's in the Tin?

    Our Restaurant Tin includes 20 unique locally owned restaurants to explore in your chosen city.  Each destination is featured on a coaster gift card.  Each coaster is worth $10 off your bill of $25 or more (pre-tax/gratuity) when given given to your server/cashier.  Coasters are valid during the year issued.

    Our Story

    City Coaster was founded in 2017 on a road trip to a new home in a new state.  The cross-country move was the beginning of another adventure for the founding team.  A creative couple, who believes that spontaneity, exploration, and supporting local leads to great experiences.  With a new city to explore City Coaster was born.  A fun way to check out the local scene and save money.  CC draws its inspiration from unique venues, awesome people and amazing places we visit along the journey.